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Writer's Block: Another sleepless night [Mar. 14th, 2010|08:31 pm]

Do you suffer from occasional or frequent insomnia? Do you have any special tricks or remedies? How does it impact your life?

I frequently suffer from insomnia. There are nights where I literally will not fall asleep. Up until recently, most nights it would take me at least 2 hours to fall asleep and then I would wake up 4-5 times throughout the night. My average amount of sleep(if I had to get up and go to work) was 3-4 hours, 5-6 if I could sleep in. I tried many remedies including sleeping pills but nothing worked. It wasn't until I bought a white noise CD that I actually started sleeping decently. I play it all night, and it now takes me an hour or so to fall asleep and I only wake a few times. It's amazing!!